Unit Elements

The passion that we have
for what we do is force that motivates us

An enthusiastic events agency

We like to pay attention to every detail, no matter how small, to find the best solution that helps our clients make changes and reach objectives.

We work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and help you reach your brand’s communications’ and human resources’ goals.

We like to meet and go beyond the challenge in question and bring new energy to problem solving, we have the best team possible to achieve that.

And we do all that in a sustainable way. Unit Elements conforms with all the requirements of Eventsost Certification which acknowledges the company’s level of expertise for the organization and production of sustainable events.

Conoce nuestro equipo

Our vision

Through the experiences we create we aim to provoke a change of attitude in people in order to strengthen the brand for which they work and engage with the environment where they live.

To achieve that our goal is to always work with the best team and form alliances with the optimum collaborators.

Our values


we think in an imaginative way, our actions are efficient.


we act efficiently with the quiet confidence that our experience provides


we have a positive attitude, are very proactive and are committed to the environment and people

“It’s very likely that the best decisions don’t come about simply as a result of pure cerebral thinking, but as a result of an emotion”

-Eduardo Punset


Our work is always the result of enthusiasm, excitement, creativity, personal attention and versatility.

Jordi Rius
Sales Manager
Jordi Gené
Automotive Events Manager
Nicole Ribera
Business Office Manager Madrid
Fermín Reina
Human Resources Manager
Silvia Diaz
Purchase Department
Laia Pujol
Senior Account Manager
Maite Aranbarri
Senior Account Manager
Anna Buendia
Financial Department
Ramon Garriga
Creative Director
Marc López
Creative Department
Jordi Siscart
Creative Department
Pol López
Creative Department
Julio García
Creative Department
Arnau Güell
Creative Department
Helena Piera
Creative Department
Andrea Sardà
Creative Department
Victoria Ash
Creative Department
Regine Zoelch
Creative Department
Irene Hernández
Account Manager
Guada Solís
Account Manager
Jennifer Roig
Account Manager
Sara Zamana
International Account Manager
Cécile Fons
Project Manager
Gemma Cuevas
Project Manager
Michela Vistarini
Project Manager
Xavi Armengou
Project Manager
Claudia Cabrera
Project Manager
Andrea Montoya
Project Manager
Raquel Paredes
Project Manager
Romedius Tuerr
Project Manager
Miguel Angel López
Operations Department
Xavi Horcas
Operations Department
Pau Campoy
Operations Department
Roger Casanovas
Operations Department
Clemente Fernandez
Operations Department
Carmen Matamoros
Operations Department