Doble concierto, doble diversión.







The idea

Mondelez set us a big challenge: they wanted to avoid having the typical convention, instead they wanted a double convention for all its categories, and it turned out to be incredible! Inspired by music we produced a version of “I want it all” by Queen that gets across the Mondelez messages, the anthem that celebrates MORE. This track became the thread running through the entire convention which was turned into a rock academy, a competition like The Voice and a DJ show inspired by Tomorrowland. There was dancing, live music, monologue presentations and exciting team building activities. Surprise after surprise! We wanted every moment to stand out. That’s why we surprised all attendees during breakfast, lunch and dinner with unforgettable moments. In the end the entire team recorded an energetic music video for the “MORE” track, for which everyone gave everything and more. And there was still time for a party in a big disco with one of the world’s most prestigious DJs. We reinvented the concept of a convention to make it more than MORE..