Biscuits for smiles!

Arola in action 2018.




Corporate Social Responsibility


165 Employees + 28 kids

The idea

Arola wanted to distance himself from the typical corporate Christmas dinner and instead carry out a charity related activity as a team. We created a fun Christmas team building approach where employees had to bake Christmas biscuits together with David Pallàs, a master chocolatier and close associate with Masterchef. Our kitchen assistants were the boys and girls from the CiudadEscuela Muchachos and for every team that managed to bake 60 biscuits Arola promised to donate a table to the newly built CEMU (CiudadEscuela Muchachos) dining room. We also gifted sets of table games and all of the utensils used over the day of action, as well as all the non-perishable foods so that this Christmas the CEMU kitchen is well stocked.




Corporate social responsibility