Find your inner superhero.


Empresa de alimentación





The idea

For its Kick-off an important company in the food sector wanted to motivate its team and allow them to shine more than ever before, to strengthen their inner force. Using storytelling based on the popular superhero Marvel comics, through both vignettes and onomatapoeias we created a convention inspired by the world of comics where the master of ceremonies was an arch villain who had captured the participants and each of the campaign’s categories, in the form of superhero taking part in the battle to defeat him. The entire communication was carried out in American comic book style and we also took the opportunity of using the inscription paperwork to carry out a simple test on attendees that gave us enough information to decide on what super power to give them, and provide them with a personalised gift notebook designed like the front cover of a superhero comic who had those very same powers, drawn by a professional comic book artist!