Event Management

with added value

What do we do?

We transform corporate event management into emotions that move people and position brands.

What can we do?

We still haven’t figured out what we can do for you. We’ll only know once we start working together. We can assure you though, that it will be an experience that will transform people and your brand will be strengthened.

Company conventions

We bring together within a single event the overall essence of your company. Celebrate your brand together with your team making sure than everything is perfect.

Incentive trips

We can organise the ideal trip away or at home for your team. The best way to motivate your team is by discovering the world together.

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Product launches

Present the latest innovations in a unique manner. We’ll look after all the little details and put all our creative energy into presenting the latest innovations connected with your brand.

Learning through doing

Learn through experiencing. There is no better way to learn than by actually living the experience to the max.

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Sporting events

Events are like pure energy. We can bring a sporting element to reflect your company events.

Audio-visual productions

Make everything clearer with a professional audio-visual presentation. An image is worth a thousand words. We’ll look after everything to create a convincing professional presentation.

Direct marketing strategies

Creative marketing campaigns that will achieve the best feedback from your clients, as well as your leads!

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Graphic design and multimedia

We will come up with creative graphic and powerful multimedia content that reflects your company’s values.

Promotion at the point of sale

We will put our human resource and creative team at your disposal to ensure the optimum results for you at the points of sales.

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Street Marketing

All the excitement and best points of your company on the street that will surprise and capture the public’s attention.

Public relations

Brand actions that will make an impact as much on journalists within the sector as the general public and provide greater visibility.

Internal communications

Make sure your team is on board with clear and shared objectives.

Stand design

We can provide all the elements required to create stands that reflect the best of your brand.

Corporate social responsibility

A wide range of possibilities for raising awareness regarding efforts to make this world a better place for all.

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Receptive to you

We will put all our knowledge, resources and organising skills available to you for coordinating company outings, tours, activities and events wherever the destination or place.

Team building activities

Make the most of team building with incredible experiences that will ensure that everyone in the company feels valued and involved.

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